New Cremation Feature Area!!

Rosewood Memorial Gardens has developed a new feature area in the Garden of Last Supper with three columbaria for the above aground placement of cremated remains in individual niches. Each niche will accommodate the cremated remains of either one or two persons. The columbaria are approached from a wide walkway extending from the north or south end of the Garden.  To provide income to pay for future maintenance of the columbaria 15% of the basic price of the niche is deposited to the cemetery’s Perpetual Care Trust Fund.

The three new Mountain Rose Columbaria feature an all polished granite exterior.  For uniformity a standard bronze scroll and wreath plaque accommodating either one or two names will be used on all niches in the centre columbarium (LS 304). Standard inscription is given name, initial, last name, year of birth and death. These Mountain Rose Columbaria niches are priced at $2,800 including Perpetual Care and a bronze plaque.   The two Columbaria on either end (LS 303, LS 305) feature a 10×10 deluxe cast bronze niche plaque.  This larger plaque can accommodate one or two names, two additional emblems, one or two lines of additional inscription and an optional vase.  These niches are priced at $3,250 including Perpetual Care and deluxe bronze plaque.

The original Mountain Rose Columbaria features a polished Manitoba granite front and unpolished grey granite top, base and sides. The remaining original Mountain Rose niches are priced at $2,350.00 including Perpetual Care and a bronze wreath plaque.

There is also an inurnment fee each time a niche is opened and closed.  Currently this fee is $220 for service during standard cemetery hours.

On pre-paid niche plaques future bronze year of death inscriptions are provided at no charge provided the plaques are pre-cast with names and years of birth.  If names and dates are to be added later then there will be an additional cost to do so at that time.  Currently the cost of adding a full inscription to an existing pre-paid plaque is $425 or $495 depending on the style of plaque.

Cremated remains must be in a container or urn that is made of non-biodegradable material and is permanently marked or engraved with the name of the deceased.  Appropriate urns are generally available from local funeral homes.

The Mountain Rose niches are 11.5 inches square and 11.5 inches deep.An optional bronze bud vase or vase holder may be added to a niche plaque or niche fronts for $245.  Where room permits cameo portraits may also be added to niche fronts for $430 each. All prices subject to GST.


Columbaria as Viewed from the South East