About Us

Located in the countryside west of Brandon, Rosewood Memorial Gardens has provided environmentally responsible and sustainable cemetery services to our community for nearly 70 years.

The Memorial Gardens were established in 1952 as an alternative to upright monument cemeteries. Those older style cemeteries were difficult and costly to maintain and that duty was often left to family members or local taxpayers.

Through natural landscape design and use of lawn markers the Memorial Gardens were planned to conserve land and be much more efficient to maintain. After all cemeteries must be maintained forever and it is only responsible to consider the obligations and expenses we leave for future generations.

To help pay for future maintenance costs a contribution is made to our Perpetual Care Trust Fund whenever a lot or niche is purchased or when a burial occurs. Only the income from the fund can be used on a non-profit basis for the care of the lots and grounds.

Rosewood Memorial Gardens is locally privately operated in trust for our lot owners and our community. Our management and staff feel a personal responsibility to the families and friends of those whose earthy remains have been entrusted to our care. We are dedicated to honouring your memories by maintaining a peaceful park like setting that will serve as a living tribute now and for generations to come.