Flower Regulation

At any time of the year fresh cut flowers may be placed on burial lots without a vase or in a permanent bronze vase sold by the cemetery or in a reusable plastic vase available from florists or free from the cemetery. Cut flowers and reusable vases will be removed by cemetery staff when the flowers have withered.

During the mowing season, new artificial flowers may be allowed if placed in the permanent bronze vases provided by the cemetery only. These vases are specially designed to be moved aside and replaced each time we mow the lawns and can be set flush to ground level when not in use. Artificial flowers not in PROPER VASES or those that are more than six months old, or that become faded, frayed, or unsightly at any time will be removed at the discretion of the cemetery staff.

Solar lights are permitted in proper permanent vases only.

Twice a year, on April 15 and October 15, as part of a general spring and fall cleanup, all artificial flowers and other objects will be removed from all lots. New flowers may be placed after these dates.

Outside of the mowing season families may place artificial flowers on lots in bronze vases or on wire stands. However, families placing flowers or wreaths during the winter months do so at their own risk. The cemetery cannot assume responsibility for damage to vases and flowers should they become covered in snow and not visible to our equipment operators when they clear paths for winter burials.

As with all perpetual care lawn cemeteries, planting of trees, shrubs or flowers are not permitted on individual burial lots. The cemetery plants and maintains trees, shrubs, and flowers in designated areas according to the cemetery’s master plan.

Because of factors beyond our control, such as the weather, we cannot be responsible for the care, loss, or damage of flowers or any other article placed on burial lots.

Please Note: These regulations are subject to change should perpetual care maintenance requirements so dictate. The cemetery may without notice remove and temporarily disallow all artificial flowers during the mowing season should it be necessary for efficient maintenance operations.

Your assistance and cooperation in helping us to maintain the well-kept appearance of the cemetery grounds will be appreciated. Any questions or comments you have may be directed to the cemetery manager by telephoning the cemetery office at any time.